We at Air Docs of the Treasure Coast encourage everyone to get involved in seeking cleaner, healthier air for their homes and businesses. In addition to many health benefits, clean air is just more pleasant to have around you. As such, here is our guide to air quality on the Treasure Coast and beyond.

1. Stats on Air Quality

Before we get started, it is important to know the statistics regarding air quality. Here are a few choice takeaways from the EPA:
  • Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. Those of us who live in hot, humid weather may be indoors even more often.
  • Unfortunately, people who are more susceptible to poor air quality tend to spend even more time indoors. This includes the elderly, young, and those with allergies or illness.
  • The concentrations of some pollutants indoors can be up to two to five times higher than that of the outdoors.
  • Some of the most common indoor pollutants are dust, dander, smoke, pesticides, odors of all kinds, and even mold in addition to possibly other hazardous organic compounds.

2. Simple Ways to Improve Air Quality

First and foremost, you may check your daily air quality forecast to see if your area is experiencing poor air quality. Click here to get a real-time map of the air quality in the Treasure Coast and other areas in Florida. Avoid the outdoors when possible if the air quality is poor. You may also conserve energy in your home, as each appliance tends to harm your air quality in a small or large measure. Don’t burn items such as trash, leaves, or other items.

3. Advanced Ways to Improve Air Quality

The above is mostly common sense and inconveniences. However, there are many other ways to improve air quality, such as routinely replacing air filters in your air conditioner, heater, and any other HVAC device. You may also try an air purifier, but those have limitations. For example, they are designed to only work within a couple of hundred square feet or the size of a bedroom. We do recommend you consider these options to get professional air quality:

  • In-Duct Air Purifier – These types of air purifiers are specifically designed to meet the needs of each home or business in which they will be installed. Unlike plugin air purifiers, they work constantly and consistently to clean the entire indoors, not just a specific area.
  • Duct Cleaning – Your poor air quality may be the result of buildup in your ductwork. No matter how much you clean your HVAC unit or replace the filter, contaminants eventually enter the ductwork. They build over time and need to be cleaned.
  • Duct Replacement – When cleaning isn’t enough, it may be time to replace your ductwork to improve your air quality.
  • Adding Return or Supply Vents – Your initial HVAC system may not be set up correctly and need some tweaking to help it work correctly.

More on Air Quality in the Treasure Coast

Those of you who live in Vero Beach or the surrounding areas has a leading option when it comes to your air quality. Air Docs of the Treasure Coast is a locally owned company that aims to improve the air quality of all properties in the Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fellsmere, Palm Bay, Fort Pierce, and Port St. Lucie areas. We are happy to come to your property and give our expert opinion on your air quality, as well as many other HVAC services. Feel free to contact our team to schedule a visit at your convenience.

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