Your AC is a lifesaver during the hot summer months. However, many homeowners don’t know how to prepare AC for winter months, or even that they should. A few protective steps can keep your air conditioner in top working condition so that it will power on next year as it is supposed to.

1. Clean the Unit

The fall season probably dumped a ton of debris on your lawn and yard. It also did the same to your outdoor AC unit. Take your water hose and rinse off all leaves, droppings, dirt, and anything else that has piled onto your unit. Some debris may remain. Use a brush or specialty tool to get the rest of it out.

2. Get Foam

Just as your water pipes can freeze during the cold season, so can your AC lines, even if you only get a freeze one day in the whole year. You may install foam pipe covers around any exposed pipes or hoses. Just cut the foam to fit the length and diameter. The foaming helps protect against freezing temperatures and even other hazards. You may also wrap duct tape around the foam to keep them in place.

3. Should I Cover My AC in the Winter?

They sell covers for outdoor air conditioning units. Does that mean you should buy them? In most cases, no. Most modern air conditioning units are built to withstand harsh cold temperatures. Those of us who live in Florida and other warm climates don’t see much freezing weather if any. Therefore, we don’t need to cover our ac units during winter. However, those of you with older models or in colder areas may indeed need to protect the unit itself from freezing temperatures. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or a professional AC technician. You may read more here.

4. Get AC Maintenance Before Cycling Back On

Finally, you should have your air conditioning maintenance performed before you cycle it back on. The best time is at the end of the cold season and before the hot summer months. Yearly maintenance at this time ensures the AC will be there when you need it. It also ensures the unit will run well for the summer, as well as it its peak efficiency

Prepare AC for Winter in Vero Beach, Florida

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