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Do you or your family experience allergies more frequently at home? Do you find your workers complain about the air quality at work? If you find yourself in a building with constant coughing, runny noses, itchy throats, watery eyes, and more, it may be time to assess your indoor air quality and consider air purification services.

Indoor Air Quality

What is Air Purification?

It isn’t enough to simply have a new air conditioner. Many other items in the system can contaminate the air and endanger the occupants of your property. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, some air pollutants can be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. Common indoor pollutants include dander, smoke, pesticides, ozone, and even hazardous mold in addition to other volatile organic compounds. These can come from cleaning supplies, paints, building materials, combustibles, water leaks, and other sources. Poor indoor air quality can lead to anything from respiratory disease, heart issues, and many other disorders. The process in which these pollutants are decreased or removed from the indoor air is referred to as air purification.

Types of Air Purification

You may choose from a variety of air purification services depending on your building and needs. They include:
  • In-Duct Air Purifier: In-duct air purifiers are attached to existing systems for the purpose of cleaning and sanitizing the air that passes through them. Many air purifiers are installed into the supply plenum of existing HVAC air ducts with a mechanism that produces a chemical. It is then distributed through the air handler to the duct system and to the living space. Some units clean pollutants as they pass through the system, while others proactively clean the home. We recommend the REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier because it combats the three major types of pollutants: 1. microbials 2. particulates and 3. gases.
  • Duct Cleaning: Duct cleaning involves cleaning the ductwork by vacuuming, brushing, and/or sanitizing to remove any contaminants that may be dwelling within. Techs often remove registers to access your ductwork, as well as any return vents, and may even access where the HVAC unit meets the ductwork itself.
  • Duct Replacement: The ductwork can be too far gone to clean in some cases. It may have holes, rust, and other impairments that overwork your system. In these and other cases, it is best to have the ductwork partially or fully replaced.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning and Replacement: A common household fire hazard is a dirty, clogged dryer vent. Lint accumulates and acquires static energy which can be set off by a number of sources. However, many dryer vents can be difficult to access and even harder to clean, which is why an experienced technician must be used.
  • Adding Supply or Return Vents / Grills: Your air conditioning system may be over or underworking depending on its configurations. Overworked systems or underworked systems can often need a supply or return vent/grill. Like the above, it can be a difficult task to perform by yourself. We highly recommend that you have a professional confirm the work that needs to be done, in addition to performing it.

Be sure to consult a physician if you suspect your indoor air quality is making you sick.

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