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Things to Do Before Turning on Your AC After Winter

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The chill of winter is slowly fading and warmer days are ahead. This means it’ll soon be time to crank up the air conditioner to keep cool and comfortable indoors. But before cranking up your AC unit which has been sitting idly for many months, there are some things you need to do. As the premier provider of quality AC repair in Vero Beach, FL, the Air Docs Heating & Cooling team goes beyond just fixing things; we go the extra mile to help you avoid potential AC breakdowns.

Here are the essential things you need to do before turning on your AC after winter.


Get the exterior unit checked first by going outdoors and uncovering it. Take away all of the clutter from the condenser area. The condenser will vent the excess indoor heat into the outside air. An accumulation of debris, such as leaves or dirt, might hinder its effectiveness. During the maintenance and AC services, a brief walk-through will be done to check out the whole thing. The integrity of the panels that hide the wiring will also be verified and the insulation around the refrigerant lines will be checked to see if they are whole and unbroken.


Have a professional verify the integrity of all electrical connections and any circuit breakers. Checking the thermostat’s programmed setting is also a smart move. Make sure there is no ice forming around the refrigerant line. Frozen evaporator coils may cause equipment failure or water damage that will need prompt AC repair services.


Have the ducts, vents, and air filters inspected thoroughly to guarantee AC efficiency. Before switching on your air conditioner again after the winter, remove and replace the air filter. Routinely changing the air filters is a crucial part of AC maintenance. Ducts, vents, and air filters play vital roles in the efficiency of your central air conditioning and heating system. Verify that nothing is blocking your home’s vents. If there is ducting that is showing, check to see that all of the joints are tightly secured.

Air Docs Heating & Cooling is committed to providing premium quality AC installation, maintenance, and repair services. Every repair service we answer receives our undivided attention, and we always double-check our results to guarantee quality. We provide upfront pricing, cost-free assessments, and reliable and surrounding regions. Contact us today to schedule a service!

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