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The Most Common Heater Maintenance Problems

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Regular maintenance is the key ingredient that can ensure that your heater is working properly and to keep your system from failing abruptly, you need to learn more about the issues that can hamper its performance.

Let Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast, the leading name for quality heating repair in Vero Beach, FL, be your guide as we discuss the most common heater maintenance problems.


Just like any appliance, a heater won’t last forever. On average, a heater should last for more than a decade–though much longer if maintained properly. Nonetheless, an old heating system is bound to be more prone to wear and tear so it will need to be repaired frequently. Since technology has also advanced significantly, more efficient heating systems are in the market, which can help save money on utility bills. If you purchase a new heater, make sure to hire a professional technician with a good reputation to handle the heating installation.


There are electrical issues you’ll face when dealing with heating systems, including loose wiring, blown fuses, and ineffective or inaccurate thermostats. The thermostat is responsible for setting the amount of heat that should be produced. If the heat produced by the heater differs from the thermostat readings, you need to hire a technician who handles heating maintenance to calibrate your system properly.


Most heaters will produce some noise as they operate. However, there are instances when the heater may be too noisy, which means it is faulty or is en route to being faulty. When you notice the heater producing odd noises, get in touch with a reputable contractor to avail of heating services ASAP. This way, you can have the system properly assessed and fixed.

A fully-functional heating system is essential to comfortable indoor living–especially in cold climates. To ensure your heater won’t break down abruptly, don’t let maintenance go by the wayside. For quality AC repair services, Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast is at your service.

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