Our HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Think of your home HVAC like a car.
It needs regular maintenance to perform at its optimal level while maintaining its lifespan. From regular air filter changes to lubrication and other advanced tasks, we at Air Docs of the Treasure Coast can do it all. Our techs are the best in the business and can perform these tasks on units from old favorites to the latest the industry has to offer.

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Air Docs of the Treasure Coast Annual Home HVAC Maintenance Plan

Our experience in the area allowed us to develop an annual ac maintenance plan for Vero Beach and the surrounding areas. The plan includes:
  • Inspect coolant levels and pressure.
  • Check, calibrate, and adjust the thermostat.
  • Inspect wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays.
  • Voltage and amperage tested and replaced if needed.
  • Inspect evaporator coil to assure there are proper airflow and no unhealthy additives.
  • Inspect and clean the condenser.
  • Rinse coil if the hose is available and remove debris blocking airflow.
  • Flush condensate drain, as well as add additional cleaner if needed.
  • Inspect outdoor disconnect.
  • Test voltage and connection.
  • Inspect condenser fan motor and blades, as well as belt condition to ensure durability.
  • Compressor inspection at startup.

Benefits of Home HVAC Maintenance

Did you know that regular maintenance can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%, according to the Indoor Air Quality Association? There are many other benefits to performing regular maintenance including monetary ones such as:
  • Help prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Identification of small issues before they become big issues.
  • Reduction in energy bills due to better performance.
  • Extending the operating life of the ac unit.
  • Keeping warranty valid as many require regular maintenance by experienced technicians.
  • Improved air quality with regular cleaning from ac maintenance.
  • Regular ac maintenance allows your system to produce and distribute air more evenly.
  • Maintain home safety by catching leaks, freezes, and more before they happen.
  • Better for the environment as the unit will use less power.

We recommend having home HVAC maintenance performed once a year, usually before the beginning of the hot season. Be sure you are replacing your air conditioner’s filters are regularly replaced as the manufacturer recommends with top quality, OEM filters. This is usually done once every six months depending on the unit, usage, and many other factors.

Why Air Docs of the Treasure Coast?

The team at Air Docs of the Treasure Coast has the experience and professional manner you want when performing our advanced air conditioning maintenance tasks. We do it all from answering your initial questions to providing detailed estimates that never include any hidden charges. We are proud to offer a full line of air conditioning maintenance, repair, and maintenance services to help you enjoy constant comfort for many years to come. Fill out our form today or click here to set up an appointment for scheduled maintenance and even to request emergency repair help. Our team of experienced technicians is happy to serve all your cooling, heating, and air quality needs and beyond.