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Don’t Fall For These 3 Air Conditioning Scams

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Most homeowners aren’t familiar with the ups and downs of their AC and heating system. As a result, they tend to be more susceptible to air conditioning scams. Unfortunately, you can’t simply rely on someone’s word. But when an emergency happens, they can get desperate and lower their standards for the first available contractor. We will show you how to avoid this below.


Yes, some HVAC providers offer specials. However, they will let you know clearly when their promotions are running. Air conditioning scammers will give you an unreasonably short timeline to agree to their services. The special deal may expire at the end of the day or even in a few hours. They may even give you the old “I can come back, but it will cost you more” line. This is the true sign of an air conditioning scam.

You also want your work done ASAP, especially in the case of an emergency. We recommend you have a trusted HVAC company on your speed dial for just such occasions.


You get a call saying your behind on your power bill and big trouble is coming. You panic. Did you pay the last bill? Was there a mix-up? What can happen? Unfortunately, this is often a scam. Those of you who are truly behind on your power bills would get the mail and/or email notices of late payment. You would probably also get a service cut-off notice, as many states require these by law. However, if you are unsure, hang up with the current call and jot down all of their information. Then call your power company directly. Never pay over the phone. It could cost you thousands as it did here.


Is the estimate provided to you too good to be true? It probably is. The HVAC industry has certain standards for even passable parts and labor, which also includes the cost of insurance and others that we have to pay before we can legitimately call ourselves an HVAC company. Low estimates indicate cut corners. Or worse, they indicate a 0% chance that your work will be completed to industry standards or at all. The best way to ensure your estimate isn’t too low (or too high) is to get at least one more estimate. A second opinion is essential, not just for medical issues, but for HVAC ones. Especially if you need major cooling or heating work done.


Those of you who live in Vero Beach or the surrounding areas has a leading choice when it comes to HVAC providers. Air Docs Heating & Cooling is a locally owned company that aims to improve the performance of all properties in Vero Beach, Fellsmere, Sebastian, Palm Bay, Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and more. We are happy to come to your property and prepare an estimate that is good for the long haul and outlines all the details. Feel free to contact us to schedule your visit today.

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