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The Benefits That Come with Prompt Heating Repairs

Your home greatly relies on your HVAC system to ensure your family’s comfort and safety. A significant part of this system is your heater, which provides much-needed warmth to your living space during the colder seasons. This component, however, is no different from any other appliance, and repair needs will inevitably arise from time to time.

When this does happen, it’s imperative to address the issue as soon as possible. At Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast, we associate prompt heating repair in Fellsmere, FL with the following benefits:


Even if your system is still operating, the issue could lead to temperature inconsistencies and other inconveniences. And who would want to sit in a cold and drafty room? Prompt repairs ensure that your heater is back up and running, so you can enjoy optimal comfort.


The longer you wait to address an issue with your heater, the more inefficient it’ll become over time. The added strain will consume more energy, resulting in higher utility bills and a diminished return on investment. By getting the problem fixed right away, you can restore the efficiency of your heating system and keep those bills at a minimum.


Calling for repairs at the first sign of trouble is essential to heating maintenance. This will help extend the service life of your heating system, enabling it to perform at its peak for a longer period and saving you from the cost of early replacement.


During heating installation, your contractor may have warned you about the potential dangers of leaving a malfunctioning system running. Faulty heating systems can lead to various safety issues, including carbon monoxide poisoning and the possibility of a fire. Scheduling repairs as soon as possible can help prevent these risks and guarantee a safe environment for your family.

Whenever you need reliable heating services for your home, you can rely on the experts at Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast. Your safety and comfort are our top priority, so our experienced technicians always strive to come through with prompt and quality repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Heating Tune-Up Routines to Start the Year

The turn of the year is a great time to give your heating an extra boost. With regular maintenance, you can increase the efficiency and lifespan of your system while improving comfort levels in your home or office throughout the winter months.

Air Docs Heating & Cooling provides top-quality heating repair in Vero Beach, FL. Here are some tips on how to perform an effective Heating Tune-Up routine at the start of each year.


Oftentimes, the most effective techniques are the simplest ones. Make sure that the heating system is not blocked by furniture or other objects. This will reduce the strain on your system, allowing it to operate more efficiently with improved airflow.


This is one of the most important parts of heating maintenance. Ensure a regular change or clean air filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance. Dirty air can reduce efficiency and lead to air quality problems that can cause poor indoor air quality.


Look for any signs of water leaks near the heating installation system such as wet spots or discolored areas on the floor or walls. If you find any, call an HVAC professional ASAP to inspect and repair any issue before they escalate and become harder–and more expensive–to address.


Visually inspect heat exchangers for cracks or other signs of damage that may require immediate heating services. A damaged exchanger can release carbon monoxide into the air and should be replaced immediately by a certified technician.


Finally, for proper heating maintenance, make sure all condensate drains are clean and free of debris so that moisture is removed efficiently from your home or office. Clean out any clogs or blockages in the drain line to ensure proper drainage.

A well-maintained heating system is essential for a comfortable and healthy environment in your home or office. A Heating Tune-Up routine at the start of each year is a great way to ensure that your system is operating efficiently and safely. Be sure to follow the above tips and contact us at Air Docs Heating & Cooling if you have any doubts or concerns about your heating system.

Things to Consider Before a Heating Installation

It may sound like a menial task to install a heater in your house, but when you consider the things that can go wrong, you’re sure to tread carefully when undertaking a heating installation procedure. You could end up with various issues such as a gas leak or an explosion, so taking the necessary precautions before beginning this project is important.

From the trusted name in Heating repair in Vero Beach, FL, here are some things you should know before installing a new heater in your home.


The type of fuel you choose to heat your home will depend on what you are most comfortable with and how much money you want to spend. Gas and propane are also great options, but they can leave a mess in your home if you don’t clean up. They are usually the most expensive but efficient and easy to install. The most energy efficient and environmentally friendly, of course, is solar energy.


Heaters come in various sizes, so choosing the one that best fits your home is vital for efficiency. Heating installation companies have to install heaters in several different sizes so check with them to see if the heater you have your eyes set on can amply satisfy your home heating needs.


If you already have ductwork in place, make sure it is in good condition and capable of handling the heating requirements. If you want a new heater, check to see if your ductwork is big enough to control the new unit. Expert providers of heating services will be able to advise you on what type of ductwork you need to install.


The climate in your area will also be something you should consider before installing a heater. The size of the heaters you need to install in your home will depend on how cold it is outside and how warm you want it inside. The heating maintenance can help you determine the best home unit.

Consider what you want out of a heater as well as how much money you want to spend and be sure to make the necessary preparations before the heating installation procedure. For the first-rate heating system you deserve, turn to Air Docs Heating & Cooling. We’ll make sure you get the help you need to find the right size heating unit.

Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.

The Most Common Heating Problems and How to Avoid Them

As the weather gets colder, it’s natural to start cranking up the heat in our homes. But with increased use comes an increased risk of heating problems. In our many years of providing quality heating repair in Vero Beach, FL, we’ve serviced all types of heating issues and have utilized surefire ways of solving them.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most common heating problems and how you can avoid them.


Lack of heating maintenance can cause the system to be bogged down by various issues that can diminish efficiency and even lead to permanent damage. The system needs regular tune-ups to keep it running smoothly. Be sure to have a professional inspect and service your system at least once a year. This will help prevent small problems from turning into big ones.


Another common cause of heating problems is dirty filters. Clogged or dirty filters can block airflow and cause your system to overheat. Be sure to call for heating services and to check and clean your filters on a regular basis–at least once a month during particularly heavy use.


If after a heating installation, your home is not maintaining a consistent temperature, it could be due to thermostat issues. First, check that the batteries in your thermostat are fresh. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to replace the thermostat itself.


If your pilot light keeps going out, it’s likely due to a drafty chimney or vent pipe. To fix this problem, you’ll need to seal the leaky area to prevent drafts from blowing out the pilot light. You may also need to adjust the size of the pilot light flame.


Leaky ductwork is another common cause of heating problems. If your ductwork is leaking, it’s wasting energy and costing you money each month on your energy bill. A thorough heating system maintenance service can help fix this problem and you’ll need to have a professional seal the leaks in your ductwork.

By following these tips, you can avoid some of the most common problems with your heating system. However, if you do run into any issues with your system, be sure to contact a professional for help. Contact us today at Air Docs Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment!

Heating Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Heating mistakes are bound to happen, even if you’re the most careful homeowner. However, some heating mistakes are more common than others and can cause a lot of damage – both financially and structurally. In this Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast, Inc. blog post, we will discuss some of the most common heating mistakes and how to avoid them. We’ll also provide information on heating repair in Vero Beach, FL.

One common heating mistake homeowners often make is not properly maintaining their heating system. Like any other mechanical system, heating systems need to be regularly serviced and maintained to function properly. This means having a professional inspect and clean your heating system regularly. Not only will regular professional heating repair in Vero Beach, FL help to avoid heating problems, but it will also extend the life of your heating system.

Another heating mistake that homeowners often make is using their heating system to heat an uninsulated space. This is a waste of energy and money, as the heat will quickly escape through the uninsulated walls or ceilings.

If you’re in the market for heating repair in Vero Beach, FL, look no further than Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast, Inc. Our team of heating experts are highly trained and experienced in all types of heating systems. Call us today!

The Most Common Heater Maintenance Problems

Regular maintenance is the key ingredient that can ensure that your heater is working properly and to keep your system from failing abruptly, you need to learn more about the issues that can hamper its performance.

Let Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast, the leading name for quality heating repair in Vero Beach, FL, be your guide as we discuss the most common heater maintenance problems.


Just like any appliance, a heater won’t last forever. On average, a heater should last for more than a decade–though much longer if maintained properly. Nonetheless, an old heating system is bound to be more prone to wear and tear so it will need to be repaired frequently. Since technology has also advanced significantly, more efficient heating systems are in the market, which can help save money on utility bills. If you purchase a new heater, make sure to hire a professional technician with a good reputation to handle the heating installation.


There are electrical issues you’ll face when dealing with heating systems, including loose wiring, blown fuses, and ineffective or inaccurate thermostats. The thermostat is responsible for setting the amount of heat that should be produced. If the heat produced by the heater differs from the thermostat readings, you need to hire a technician who handles heating maintenance to calibrate your system properly.


Most heaters will produce some noise as they operate. However, there are instances when the heater may be too noisy, which means it is faulty or is en route to being faulty. When you notice the heater producing odd noises, get in touch with a reputable contractor to avail of heating services ASAP. This way, you can have the system properly assessed and fixed.

A fully-functional heating system is essential to comfortable indoor living–especially in cold climates. To ensure your heater won’t break down abruptly, don’t let maintenance go by the wayside. For quality AC repair services, Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast is at your service.

Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

Heating systems are a standard home utility. But with constant use, even the most dependable of systems can fall to disrepair. To ensure they are running properly, you need to schedule regular system maintenance. For dependable heating repair in Vero Beach, FL, turn to Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast.

Here, we discuss some advantages of scheduling regular maintenance.


A significant benefit of regular heating maintenance is it helps reduce the number of repairs your system may need. Through regular maintenance, technicians can catch minor issues before they develop. This will prevent significant issues that might require you to replace the system.


Over time, heating systems will slowly deteriorate. Moving parts of the system begin to wear down, making it harder to perform its task. By prioritizing regular maintenance, you reduce the deterioration process. During routine maintenance, technicians get to lubricate the moving parts and change the worn belts. This allows the system to operate properly for much longer.


Safety should always be a priority when it comes to your family and home. This is why hiring professional heating services is essential. Expert technicians will test safety controls, clean or replace air filters, and inspect heat exchangers. This will help maintain the safety features of your heating system.


Besides keeping you warm during particularly cold seasons, a heating system also keeps indoor air pure. The air filters collect dust, mildew, mold, and other pollutants, thus ensuring good air quality in your home. However, air filters get dirty over time, which reduces their performance, and tampers with air quality. With regular maintenance, you ensure they perform their duty well.

Through regular maintenance, you can keep your heating system operating at peak level and even extend its service life. To ensure that your heating and ventilation system is in check, rely on our expert team at Air Doc’s of the Treasure Coast. We specialize in heating installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Efficient Ways to Stay Warm Indoors

It can be difficult to keep warm indoors during the colder months of the year. However, there are some ways to stay nice and warm even when things are chilly outside. Air Docs Heating & Cooling is the leader in heating repair in Fellsmere, FL. Here, we take a close look at some helpful tips to help you stay warm.


An efficient furnace is a must during the cold months of the year. By availing of a heating installation service from a reputable heating and cooling company, you won’t have to push the panic button whenever the temperature drops as the cold months arrive.


Work only with reputable companies that offer heating services at reasonable prices. If you are experiencing issues with your heating system, a professional can repair it to improve its efficiency. When hiring an electrician, it is essential to find one with years of experience.


Insulating your home is one of the most efficient ways to keep it warm during winter. It is a simple but effective way to keep houses warm and eliminate drafts. One effective way to insulate your home would be to use heat-reflective paint on all exposed walls, pipes, and windows. This will prevent heat loss and ensure you remain warm all winter.


You can’t skip heating maintenance routines and expect your heating system to perform at peak levels whenever you need it. There’s always going to be the wear-and-tear factor, so you need periodic maintenance to ensure every component is in fine working order.

These are just a few ways to stay warm all year long. When it is cold outside, and you want to stay warm, installing a heating system will help you beat the cold weather. Count on Air Docs Heating & Cooling for the services you need to stay warm and cozy indoors. Reach out to us today to schedule a service!

17 Reasons Why There Is a Burning Smell When You Turn on Your Heater

Some days, when you turn on the heater, you smell a burning smell. And with winter and inflated energy bills fast approaching, there’s always a nagging thought: Is your heater safe? If you’ve ever wondered about that smell when turning on your heater, we’re here to tell you that the burning smell is just fine. It turns out that natural gas leaks are extremely rare. Here are some possible causes of a burning smell when you turn on your heater.


If your heater is not working properly, this is most likely why you are getting a burning smell. Whether it’s improper installation or faulty wiring, there is always the chance something goes wrong when the wires are installed. If this is the cause of your “burning” heater, be sure to call an electrician to fix any damage.


If you regularly use your heater, there is always the possibility that a foreign object will end up in it. If this occurs, you will most likely experience a burning smell. This is because a lot of debris can end up clogging the vents inside the unit, compromising the health and safety of those around you.


If the thermostat is not allowing the heater to turn on, this is one of the possible causes of a burning smell. More often than not, you will notice this scent when you turn on your heat as your heater turns off as soon as it reaches a specific temperature. This happens because the thermostat is faulty and does not send any heat to the unit.


Imagine turning on your heater and smelling something burning. You look around and find no source of the smell, but the burning smell continues. This is because you could have a gas leak, which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if the issue is left unchecked. When you suspect a gas leak, call Air Docs Heating & Cooling to come to inspect your home for any leaks.


Just like any other appliance, your heater will eventually break down. This event is often referred to as “out of warranty.” If you have an older heater, you are more susceptible to experiencing a burning smell when you turn it on. This is because there are generally more parts inside the unit that have gone bad.


If you are getting a burning smell from your heater, it could be that the heating element is bad. These are metal coils that are found inside your unit. If one of them has gone bad, it can be causing this smell to occur when the heater is turned on. When this happens, you will need to have the unit replaced.


There is no denying that when you turn on your furnace unit, you will smell things burning. Some people believe this is because of dust on the coils of the unit. If this is the case, there’s no need to worry. You may be experiencing a burning smell because some things can burn in your heater when turned on. These include any fabric that could have been lying around, as well as carpeting under your home.


One of the causes of a burning smell when you turn on your heater is because your filters are dirty. The furnace air filters are located in your unit for a reason — to filter out many contaminants from the air. If they have gotten dirty, this can be one of the reasons why you smell a burning smell when you turn on your heat. When this happens, remove them and clean them to ensure that your home is safe.


If the furnace filter fan is not operating properly, this can cause a burning smell when it is turned on. This is because the air going to the furnace filter does not reach it because of a faulty fan.


Just like any other appliance, your heater can eventually break down. When this happens, you could experience a burning smell as a result of the defective furnace belt. This is because the belt from your heater can be pulled from its mounting. If this occurs, you will smell something similar to burning rubber when you turn on your heater. If this happens, you will need to replace the belt.


If the furnace in your home is damaged or is not working properly, then it can be one of the possible reasons for a burning smell when you turn on your heater. This is because the heating unit has failed. If this happens, you will need to have it fixed before you can use it again. It usually works best to make sure that the furnace in your home is working correctly before using it again. Contact our experts at Air Docs Heating & Cooling for furnace repair in Vero Beach, FL, and surrounding areas for 24/7 assistance.


If you turn on your heater and find out that the pilot light is not working, this can be one of the reasons why you are getting a burning smell. This is because the pilot light is used to ignite the heater once it has been turned on. If this happens, you will need to replace the pilot light as soon as possible.


If the igniter is not working properly, this is one of the causes of a burning smell when you turn on your heater. This is because this small device helps to light the fuel and ignite it. If your igniter fails, you will notice a burning smell when you turn on your heater. For this reason, it is important to make sure that this part is in good condition before using your heater again.


If the burner head is dirty, this can be one of the reasons for a burning smell when you turn on your heater. The burner head is designed to ignite the fuel used to heat your home. If it is dirty, it will not perform at its best, and you will notice a burning smell while using your heater.


The heat exchanger is a part of your heater, separating the air from the fumes released from your fuel. It is designed to make sure that you do not inhale the fumes from your fuel. If this part is dirty or damaged, it can lead to a burning smell when you turn on your heater.


If your heat exchanger has too much oil in it, this can be one of the reasons why you have a burning smell when you turn on your heater. This is because the oil that remains there can catch fire and cause a burning smell while using your heater. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the oil levels in your heater get checked regularly.

The most common reasons you could be experiencing a burning smell when you turn on your heater are defective parts inside. When this happens, it is important to have our technicians repair your heater as soon as possible. We offer quick and reliable service to all customers. If you need help in AC maintenance and repair and better indoor air quality in Vero Beach, FL, and surrounding areas, contact Air Docs Heating & Cooling today.

Various Options for Keeping Your Home Warm During the Cold Winter Months

In most places, the closer it gets to winter, the cooler the temperature becomes. When wintertime approaches, you need to start thinking about heating the inside of your home to protect against the frigid air outside.

There are several options available for heating your home. The option that’s right for you is going to vary, based on where you live and the size of your residence. Here are some great options for keeping your home warm during the winter.


Indoor space heaters generate a lot of discussion. On the one hand, there are people who swear by them. On the other hand, there are people who believe that the potential risk outweighs any benefit. However, when used appropriately, a space heater can play a vital role in keeping your home warm during the winter.

Space heaters are less expensive than other heating equipment. They can cost less to run than your central heating system at the same temperature. Modern space heaters are user-friendly, elegant, and easy to use. Manufacturers have done a good job at minimizing the risk of space heaters causing fire or burns. Space heaters might be a part of the overall solution for achieving optimal heating in your home.


Wood fireplaces are functional and can be decorative. They make a home feel pleasant. And they actually heat up the room. Some families have installed fireplaces in their living room or in another room where people gather to make it more inviting.

Fireplaces are a strong heat source. If a fireplace is centrally located in the home, the heat will quickly find its way to the rest of the house. It’s a practical heating alternative that can save money and energy. The wood is cheap, and it’s easy to store. Additionally, a fireplace engenders a sense of peace and tranquility. It makes just about any space feel warm and relaxing.

You can rely on your fireplace to provide direct heat. Or you can connect your fireplace to your home’s HVAC system and use the heat from your fireplace to transmit warmth throughout your home.


Furnaces are some of the most affordable home heating systems available. This doesn’t mean that furnaces are cheap, nor does this mean that you should purchase a furnace that is cheaply made. When it comes to a system that is as important to your home as your heater, you want to get something of quality.

Furnaces allow you to choose your fuel option. There are electric, propane, and natural gas furnaces. Most people opt for natural gas. It can be piped directly into the property. Electricity is the most expensive option. For people who live in areas where they don’t use a lot of heat, like Florida or Southern California, an electric furnace might end up being a cost-effective option as opposed to people who live in Wisconsin or Minnesota. People who live in colder states need to keep their home heated for a good part of the year.

One of the most attractive things about a furnace is that it’s comfortable. With a furnace, all you need to do is flip a switch and your home is warm and comfortable.


Boilers are hydraulic heating systems. They utilize a fuel source to heat up a fluid. In most cases, this fluid is water or glycol. The heated liquid is pumped through your heating system to different devices, like radiators, to heat your home. A boiler can also serve as a way to heat the hot water in your home. It can be used to provide hot water for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, etc. Boiler heat does not need ductwork. It is primarily found in older homes. One unique feature of boilers is that boilers can be installed one room at a time and used only as is needed.


Solar heating systems can save you money, especially if you live in a cold climate that has great solar resources. In some areas, solar heat is replacing more expensive fuels, like oil, propane, and electricity. You can save additional money thanks to income tax credits, deductions, and property tax exemptions when using solar energy systems.

The cost of installing and using an active solar heating system varies from place to place. Most solar heating systems have a 10-year warranty but are realistically designed to last for decades longer. Using active solar energy can drop your fuel bill over the winter. Solar heating is good for the environment as it reduces pollution and greenhouse gases.


Just because there are several options for keeping your home warm during the winter doesn’t mean that you want to waste energy unnecessarily to keep your home warm. Thankfully, there are some very basic things that you can do to keep your house warmer throughout the winter, thus reducing your energy costs and consumption.

For example, if you are using radiators, make sure that your furniture is not blocking the heat from effectively warming the room. If you move the couch out of the way, the room will warm up faster and you will spend less on energy.

Another tip for radiator users is that if your radiator is attached to an external wall, take some aluminum foil and put it behind the radiator. The aluminum foil is naturally reflective. This will stop the heat from traveling through the wall and reflect it back to the room.

Another simple option is to use rugs. Rugs keep your feet warm, especially if you have tile or hardwood floors. Additionally, they add style to any room.

Close the dampers. Some ductwork has dampers that adjust airflow. Look for the handles on the ductwork and markings that indicate which way the damper valve should be pointed during the winter. The damper handle should be parallel to the ductwork for maximum airflow during the winter.

Finally, keep your furnace clean. If you are having heating trouble, change the filter. In most cases, the problem will disappear.


This is just a brief description of the different heating options available. Not all options are going to work well in all homes. However, it’s a good idea to become familiar with each style. It’s best to find out what is going to fit your comfort needs, your home, and your budget.

At Air Docs Heating & Cooling, we help homeowners in Vero Beach, FL, with their heating and air conditioning needs. We install, repair, and maintain heating and air conditioning systems. We have been helping residents in our area since 2012 and are committed to providing quality service that our customers can rely on.

Are you worried that your heating system may not be up to snuff come winter? Don’t worry another minute. Contact us at Air Docs Heating & Cooling today. We will help you keep your home and your family warm during the winter months.